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It starts with one voice. The more voices saying the same thing is even more powerful than one voice, no matter how expert.

Legislative Action Center

You can make a big difference in just 5 minutes. That's all it will take to learn the issues and send a letter to your elected officials. The actions of our government have an enormous impact on the future of our children and history teaches that every vote can matter. To easily communicate with your elected officials and find out where they stand on the issues, visit our Legislative Alert Center.

State & Budget Policy

Pennsylvania uses a mix of state and federal funds to administer its early learning system. Typically, the first Tuesday after the first Monday in February the Governor proposes a budget for the next fiscal year. The General Assembly reviews and proposes a version that in collaboration with the Administration becomes the foundation for Pennsylvania's fiscal and policy agenda for the next year.

Federal Budget & Policy

Child care funding for subsidies and grants comes from federal and state funds. Federal child care funding comes from a number of sources including Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF). Pennsylvania receives the 9th largest allocation of funding in the country from CCDF. Funding from CCDF is earmarked for child care subsidies, increasing quality, etc.

Legislation & Policy Watch

PACCA and its lobbyists are monitoring the following legislation and policies.


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The latest, most important issues for the PA Child Care Association