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COVID 19 Resources

PACCA hopes the resources on this page will help you navigate our current. situation. Please check PACCA's Facebook page for the most current and newsworthy updates. Learn more ...

The Business of Early Care and Education

Early Care and Education professionals have the difficult task of providing quality care with limited resources. PACCA helps child care professionals increase the quality of care and run their businesses more effectively. This page provides some resources to help you in your work. Learn more ...

Pennsylvania's Early Childhood Workforce

Quality early care and education can make a huge difference in the life of a child and his or her community. For those children “at-risk”, the need and the value is even greater. Providing high-quality services also supports the economic needs of communities across the Commonwealth -  allowing parents to work, adults to attend college or training, and local businesses to operate. The provision of early care and education services by an educated workforce positively impacts child outcomes both in the short term and over a lifetime. As a result, it is essential that we continue to grow and strengthen the early childhood workforce. Learn more ...

Standards of Quality

Research shows that children in high-quality care environments show more advanced language skills, do better in school, and have fewer behavior problems and better social skills. Research also shows that teachers with bachelor’s degrees and specialized training in child development provide young children with the best preparation to succeed in kindergarten. 

Parent Resources

Parents have a challenging task when identifying and selecting among child care options for their young children. PACCA hopes that the information available on this page will help make our decisions and choices easier.

Business Resources

Quality Care affects the business community. When employees have access to quality care, they can focus on their work, be more productive, and stay at their jobs longer. If businesses provide quality child care to their employees, this benefit can greatly increase employee recruitment and retention. 

Early Care and Education Resources

On this page are facts about why quality care is so important for our youngest citizens and why child care programs are uniquely positioned to provide this care. This information can used in letters to the editor or policymakers, or distributed in a flyer to parents and community leaders. 


PACCA Toolkits are tailored to provide useful tools; resources and information for early care and education providers on key issues and a variety of topics that can help enhance the business practices and quality of your program. 

Useful Links

On this page find additional organizations that focus on child care issues. If you know of an organization not listed here, please e-mail the information to