Pennsylvania's Early Childhood Workforce

Quality early care and education can make a huge difference in the life of a child and his or her community. For those children “at-risk”, the need and the value is even greater. Providing high-quality services also supports the economic needs of communities across the Commonwealth -  allowing parents to work, adults to attend college or training, and local businesses to operate. The provision of early care and education services by an educated workforce positively impacts child outcomes both in the short term and over a lifetime. As a result, it is essential that we continue to grow and strengthen the early childhood workforce. (Updated 7/1/2022)

The Early Childhood Workforce:
  • Is mostly women, most of whom are mothers. 
  • Is very diverse – both in terms of age and ethnicity. 
  • Follows an ethical code of conduct and uses developmentally appropriate practices. 
  • Adheres to standards and guidelines to inform practice. 
  • Works long hours in challenging environments. 
  • Earns low wages in comparison to other professions with like education and responsibility. 
  • Has few benefits and is likely to be using a form of government aid. 
  • Wants to attend college and is likely to be a first-generation student. 
  • Wants to increase its earnings and have a career in the field. 

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