Legislation & Policy Watch

PACCA and its Lobbyists are monitoring the following bills. (Updated 3/7/2023). 
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Bill Number and StatusPrimary SponsorContent
The 2021-2022 Session ended November 30, 2022. All legislation not voted expired at the end of the session.
House Bill 1155
PN 1219
 June 7, 2022
Jozwiak, Barry (R)
Legislation amending the Human Services Code to exempt public municipal preschool recreation programs from the definition of “child day care center.” This legislation is supported by the Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society.
Status: The bill did not move out of the Senate Child & Youth Committee before the end of the session. 
House Bill 807
PN 0791
Referred to HEALTH, March 8, 2021
Fitzgerald, Isabella (D)
Act requiring indoor contamination assessment certifications and environmental quality certifications of NEW child day-care centers; providing for powers and duties of the DOH, DEP, and DHS; the Child Day-Care Center Grant Program.


House Bill 1187
PN 1243
Referred to HEALTH, April 15, 2021
Cruz, Angel (D)
Legislation to require the Department of Human Services, in conjunction with the Department of Health, to develop guidelines in child care programs for managing a child with a life-threatening food allergy.
House Bill 1188
PN 1244
Referred to HEALTH, April 15, 2021
Cruz, Angel (D)
Legislation will require children’s institutions and childcare centers licensed by the Department of Human Services to be tested for lead as part of licensure procedures.
House Bill 1259

Referred to EDUCATION, April 21, 2021 [House]
Warner, Ryan (R)
Legislation creating “Elijah’s Law” in Pennsylvania, requiring all child day care employees to receive training and education in anaphylaxis recognition and emergency response procedures. The legislation will also require a child day care facility to notify, as soon as possible, the parent(s) or guardian(s) of a child who suffers from an anaphylactic attack.
Senate Bill 129

PN 0105
Referred to HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, Jan. 27, 2021
Fontana, Wayne(D)
Legislation would require carbon monoxide detectors in college and university dorms, hotels and other lodging establishments, k-12 schools and child care facilities if the facility uses a fossil fuel-burning heater or appliance or has an attached garage.   
Senate Bill 356

PN 0356
Referred to FINANCE, March 10, 2021
Schwank, Judith (D)
Act providing for tax incentives for employers who provide child day-care services for employees.


Senate Bill 388

PN 0343
Referred to HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, March 10, 2021
Schwank, Judith (D)
Muth, Katie (D)
Legislation requires lead testing at child daycare programs.
Senate Bill 767
PN 0908
Referred to HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, June 15, 2021
Boscola, Lisa (D)
Legislation that would amend the Child Day Care Centers provision of the Human Services Code that requires child care facilities to supply their own lifeguard where a facility already has on-duty lifeguards.
Senate Bill 928

PN 0908Referred to HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, June 15, 2021
Flynn, Marty (D)
Legislation that will require child day care providers to install safety guards on doors. Door safety guards, installed on the hinge side of the door, are designed to prevent children from inserting their finger or hand into the hinge area in order to minimize the risk of fracture, laceration, or amputation.