Nature Explore


Nature Explore is a national nonprofit program of Dimensions Educational Research Foundation, which works collaboratively with a network of organizations throughout the nation. Our goal is to help nature become an integral, joyful part of children’s daily learning.  Nature Explore provides research-based workshops, design consultations and resources created to support programs as they continue to connect children and families to the wonders of nature.

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The Nature Explore program supports your important efforts to connect children with nature. They do this by offering:

Certified Nature Explore Classrooms have demonstrated a deep commitment to connecting children with nature. Each one is unique in size, setting and structure, but they have one thing in common: they bring a sense of wonder to children’s lives.

Certified Nature Explore Classrooms enhance the physical environment and add natural beauty to the surrounding area. A network of Certified Nature Explore Classrooms is growing throughout the United States in elementary schools, early childhood programs, nature centers, military bases, national forests, parks and wildlife refuges, zoos, Head Start centers, arboretums, children’s museums, and other public spaces.

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